Re-roofing project in Wisbech

Re-roofing project in Wisbech Cambridgeshire

This reroofing project in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire involved all our skills, from making good the timber work, preparing the breathable membrane and then setting the new tiles. The finishing touch on this project was new soffits, fascia and guttering to give the property a clean, refreshed look and great curb appeal.

Removing old roof tiles

Before any replacement work can be done the old roof tiles must be removed, in some re-roofing projects the old tiles will be preserved and re-used for the bulk of the replacment roof.

Prepairing roofing timbers

Next the old roofing timbers are cleaned, prepared and checked for damage and rot. We usually find that roof timbers are not in line with current building standards or they may be the cause of previous roof damage due to sagging.

New roofing timbers

On this propery in Wisbech the timbers did not meet current building regulations but the were still a structural part of the buiding. To avoid too much disruption we built a completely new frame for the roof that was attached above the existing roof trusses, this braced the roof and improved the overall structure.

Breathable roofing membrane

A new breathable roofing membrane is then applied to the new roof timbers and new tiling battons are nailed to the the roof trusses.

Tiling the roof

The customers chosen tiles are then  fitted to the roof ensuring any vallies that are required are cut in correctly to avoid leaks and future damage. Before we finish tiling the bottom of the roof drip traps are added to ensure any condensation or water build up will not affect the roofing timbers below the tiles.

Ridge tiles and led flashing

The finising touuch to any roof is the ridge tiles, on thie roof in Wisbech, Cambridgeshie we used cemented ridge tiles to finish the job, includinga vertical ridge to seal the roof with the adjoining property. The type of ridge tile used really depends on the roof in question but we prefer to fit the new ventilated ridge tiles that are screwed to the timbers below.

Soffits, fascias and guttering

With the roof now tiled we can add the finising touches to the new roof UPVC soffit boards, fascias to protect the ends of the timbers and of course guttering to take away rainwater, all expertly fitted by Oakenshield Construction.

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