New Roof in Upwell

New roof installation in Upwell, Cambridgeshire

It's always great to be asked to trasfom a property by changing the roof, the difference a new roof can make to an old property is truly amazing. Our customers are often surprised by the cost effective modern solutions we can offer as well, like the dry ridge system used on this property in Upwell.

Out with the old

This old roof in Upwell Cambridegshire really was showing it's age and was in need of a little TLC, so our roofing team set to work in stripping off teh old tiles in preperation for the new roof.

Before the transformation

Before we could transform the roof we fitted a new breathable membrane and tiling battons ready to take the new tiles.

New roofing timbers

On this propery in Wisbech the timbers did not meet current building regulations but the were still a structural part of the buiding. To avoid too much disruption we built a completely new frame for the roof that was attached above the existing roof trusses, this braced the roof and improved the overall structure.

Tiling the roof

The new tiles were then fitted along with new lead work around the chimneys and the new dry ridge system to finish the job. What an amazing transformation.

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